Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another decision . . .

Finally, yesterday I make big decision and action to leave my beloved faction that is Le´ Çonquistador for the 2nd times. I make my mind right after the colony war finished. It was really exciting colony war and so many movement by the reds and as always Le´ Çonquistador still stand by their own which mean versus all faction in Rembrandt server for the colony. But I can't help faction much this time due of some of the lag and with my limited / noobie equipment. In this wars, I always see my character keep dying in few seconds after using soul crystals. But overall it is still really fun and exciting colony war as PK(player kill) team in Le´ Çonquistador for the last time. I really thankful to Le´ Çonquistador for all this time for giving me a chances and bring me along to explore all raid in Granado espada. Personally, I really enjoyed while in Le´ Çonquistador but maybe this is time for me to move on to find something new in Granado Espada. :D

Thanks A Lot To Le´ Çonquistador Faction For All This Time

my last colony war with Le´ Çonquistador faction
Credit to Cristyan for the colony war map report : Rembrandt Colony War 18th Nov 2012

my hardest moment of my GE life . . Yes or No!? =.=

The reason why I make such decision should be cause I lose my goal and ambitious in Le´ Çonquistador. At 1st, my main goal is to upgrade my armor but when I think back, I don't think I can achieve that by current faction raid and need to wait and wait again. Then what should I aim next? Soul bringer? need to spend a lot for the weapon and it will take a long time to claim it. What next? explore new Raid? since I joined Le´ Çonquistador, I already join all kind of raid starting with Jurgen raid until the latest one that is Montoro. I also already played so many roles in raid such as ATP and WC team, DPS for nephy and till the latest one that is tanker and lisa team. Sometimes I feel like at the end game also =.=''.Raid loot and roulette? normally I don't have luck on that, only can see the item drop and others get that =.= so I give up on that too. With so many thought and feeling like tired, giving up and confuse so I straight come out with one solution that is to try new life in GE. It is really hard to make this such decision and I already think about this like more then thousand time. And now after I leaved Le´ Çonquistador, I can relax more and do what I only want :D. 

P/s : Pls don't PM ask me why and where will I go next coz I also don't know the answer /wahaha

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