Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another decision . . .

Finally, yesterday I make big decision and action to leave my beloved faction that is Le´ Çonquistador for the 2nd times. I make my mind right after the colony war finished. It was really exciting colony war and so many movement by the reds and as always Le´ Çonquistador still stand by their own which mean versus all faction in Rembrandt server for the colony. But I can't help faction much this time due of some of the lag and with my limited / noobie equipment. In this wars, I always see my character keep dying in few seconds after using soul crystals. But overall it is still really fun and exciting colony war as PK(player kill) team in Le´ Çonquistador for the last time. I really thankful to Le´ Çonquistador for all this time for giving me a chances and bring me along to explore all raid in Granado espada. Personally, I really enjoyed while in Le´ Çonquistador but maybe this is time for me to move on to find something new in Granado Espada. :D

Thanks A Lot To Le´ Çonquistador Faction For All This Time

my last colony war with Le´ Çonquistador faction
Credit to Cristyan for the colony war map report : Rembrandt Colony War 18th Nov 2012

my hardest moment of my GE life . . Yes or No!? =.=

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reward from Dragon of the Sea King Mission

500m vis?! yah . . thats the total reward i get from this mission so far :D 
Thx a lot to Turtle and the Dragon of Sea King for giving me some pocket money  ^^

And now I need to find more Rabbit Liver and turtle ^^

p.s : I just found the way how to trigger/call the Rabbit King to the mission room ^^
and it work to me and now I can see the rabbit king in everytime I enter my Farm 
just pm me in game if you want to know ^^

[UPDATE] To trigger the rabbit King, try to use fertilizer and keep kill all rabbit in farm
It might work to some ppl so good luck on trying ^^

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is this . . . another mission? or . . .

Anyone have any idea about this? Last week, when I doing farm like normally I do but at the end of time, the time left should be 00:00 suddenly being added 3 minute. And after a while, this notice come out . . . .

CLAUDE in FARM??? who going to kill him . . .

After Claude notice, the it say Mission Accomplished??? this is 1st time I see this notice in farm =.=
but . . suddenly disconnect msg popup =.=
so I think it should be similar to the turtle story where I got DC while warping to the mission >_<''

p.s : anybody has info about this can leave ur comment here or just pm me in game. Thx :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[GE Farmville] Dragon of the Sea King Mission

The Story . . 

The turtle in farm story in quite similar to the Urashima Taro, Japanese Mythological story
On that story say there are one young fisherman named Urashima Taro save a turtle and as token to the help, the turtle bring Urashima Taro to the Sea Palace. For more detail, click here ^^
Urashima Taro and turtle
Ok back to topic,
after talk with turtle by using the Rabbit liver, player will be warp into Dragon of the Sea King Mission. In the mission, player will talk with the sea king and providing the rabbit liver to cure the Sea King disease. Here some of the screenshot of this mission :

Weee . . Finally, I'm entering Sea Palace ^^

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[GE Farmville] Guide and tips

Hi guys, this is my first post for this year after almost 1 year never posting here due to laziness :P
after almost two month playing Farmville in GE so i decided to post some guide about this farm system in GE
actually i want post in my faction forum but sadly no upload pictures function there LoLs

Farmvile in Granado Espada

YEAAY! Farmville in Granado Espada

Firstly, things that you need to know

Farm system :-

* update v10.18 *

  • Crops and Harvest
    • Land
    • Normal seed and Great seed
    • Harvest
  • Hunting
    • Scarecrow
    • Rabbit
    • Wild Animal
    • King Rabbit !?
  • Fishing
    • normal cooldown and short cooldown
    • Turtle !?
      • Dragon of the Sea King story 
  • Fish Trap
  • Pets and Tary
    • Capturing animal
    • Hatching pets
    • Storage and Feed box
    • Finding Treasure chest
    • Release pet
  • Beekeeping
    • hatching bee
    • collect honey
    • Bee died
  • Pick flower and weeding
    • flower
    • weed
    • unknown flower
  • Ancient Magic Merchant !?
    • stone paper scissor game
    • jack and the bean sprouts story